About Mello's Chourico

Mello's has been in business in Southeastern Massachusetts since the early 1900s, and we are proud of the history and culture of our area. In the city of Fall River, an astounding 45% of the population is of Portuguese descent.

Our History

Linguica on racksHusband and wife team Eduardo and Irene Rego purchased the existing Mello's business in 1978. The couple had met in their native Portugal, but Irene immigrated with her family to the United States in 1966. Once Eduardo had finished his military duty in Portugal in 1970, he joined her in the U.S. Shortly thereafter, they married and began their life together. Purchasing a small business fulfilled their American dream and allowed them to enjoy their passion for food and culture from their native land. Over 30 years later, Mello's continues to cater to those who love the rich flavors of Portuguese cuisine.

Our Customers

What started with humble beginnings for those longing for a taste of home has grown into a favorite for consumers of all backgrounds. Gone are the days when chourico and linguica were for Portuguese patrons only - these tasty smoked sausages are now a favorite all over the U.S. and abroad! We provide our chourico, linguica, and other products to hundreds of local restaurants, pizza shops, specialty grocery stores, caterers, and distributors. We also have business customers in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, North Carolina, California, and Bermuda.

Our Store

Mello’s Fall River, Massachusetts retail store location sells directly to consumers. In addition to our sausages, Mello's also carries specialty items including Portuguese spices, cooking oils, specialty beverages, imported cheeses, and other New England favorites such as coffee syrup and Fall River-style chow mein.